World Cities World Class
University Network Symposium 2019

July 28 - August 2, 2019

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

29 Polytechnicheskaya Str.,
Research Building (Metro Polytechnicheskaya),
195251, St. Petersburg, Russia

Smart Cities and Digital Society

About WC2 Network

The World Cities World Class University (WC2) Network brings together top universities located in the heart of major world cities to address culture, environment and political issues of common interest to world cities. WC2 aims to advance understanding and recognition of the role of universities in world cities and issues that are of common interest to them, both locally and internationally. The flow of staff, students and information domestically and across borders contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of world cities, their universities and their potential to impact and aid each other.

The WC2 network was established in September 2010 by City, University of London and currently has 10 member institutions.

For more information, please, visit WC2 official web-site.

WC2 Symposium-2019, St. Petersburg

Dates: July 28th to August 2nd, 2019.

Host University: Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Russia

The core topic of the 2019 WC2 Symposium is «Smart Cities and Digital Society».

The 2019 Symposium will address the key challenges of the society as in the modern global world as well as in the largest cities digitalization and smart city issues are of an extreme importance.

The Symposium is primarily open to faculty, graduate and PhD students at WC2 member universities.

2019 Theme topic: Technological advances in healthcare and their clinical applications.

The health Club will focus on the theoretical underpinnings, use and applications of healthcare technology in research and clinical practice. Students and faculty will have the opportunity to present their work in this area and we will share research and practice in technological healthcare advances across different settings, context and countries. The week will also include visits to rehabilitation and medical centres. During this week, we will explore levels of research and knowledge development and progression from scientific enquiry and laboratory work to more applied science, knowledge mobilization and evidence based practice/medicine. Students will be asked to prepare a piece of work before the symposium, and present this work to the group. A selection of recommended readings will be provide to assist with this exercise and will provide valuable background information to the main themes to be discussed during the week.


Students are asked to choose ONE of the following topics for presentation at the symposium. Each presentation will be 20 minutes in length and will include a short introductory synopsis (around 5 minutes) of the student, their research, and the remaining time should be given to their work on one of the following topics:

  1. Conduct a review of the use of technology in an area of healthcare that is of interest to you. Please also make reference to how it is employed in your country.
  2. Review three mobile health care apps in an area of your choice using a rating scale that will be provided. Include in your answer an evaluation of the rating scale you have used.
  3. Choose a patient-focused health care technology, and write a critical review of the acceptability of the device/technology. Please include in your presentation a definition of acceptability, exploring acceptability from different perspectives (e.g. professional vs service user vs carer), and contrast the needs of the different groups.

Recommended Reading

  • Bala Venkatesh Ryerson University (Canada), Theme Lead,
  • 2019 Theme topic

Mr. Nikita Golovin, Deputy Head of International Office
Mrs. Ekaterina Belyaevskaya, Head of the International Academic Cooperation Department
29, Polytechnicheskaya Str., Research Building, 195251, St.Petersburg, Russia
10:00 - 18:00

Important Deadlines

deadline for registering with visa support for all passport holders except those with EU (except UK passport holders who should register by 15 May), China (and Hong Kong), Japan, India, and Iran passports
deadline for overall registration without visa support
deadline for registration with visa support for participants, holders of EU (except UK), China (and Hong Kong), Japan, India, and Iran passports


To arrange your travel to the Symposium, you may need a formal invitation from the conference host. This is particularly important for those of you who will have to apply for the Russian visa. The main purpose of your visit to Russia will be to attend the scientific conference, and we expect that Common Humanitarian visa type will be required. Please consult with the visa section of the Russian Embassy or Consulate what type of visa is required for you and the persons who will accompany you in this travel. Since the visa application procedure may take considerable time, we strongly encourage you to make every effort to ensure that you have all the necessary documents and start the process as soon as possible.

Depending on your citizenship, different procedures for issuing the invitation (visa support letter) apply as described below.

  1. Passport holders of CIS, Israel, South Korea, Brazil, and other countries with visa-free entry to Russia do not have to apply for the entry visa. You can still let us know if you need a formal invitation to attend the conference for your travel arrangements.
  2. Preparing the invitations for holders of EU (except UK), China (and Hong Kong), Japan, India, and Iran passports will take at least 1-week time (plus the time needed to deliver the hard copy by mail if needed). Please clarify with the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country of your residence whether the scanned copy of the invitation is sufficient or you need the hard copy.
  3. Preparing the invitations for holders of all other passports will take at least 5-week time (plus the time needed to deliver the hard copy by mail). In this case, you will almost certainly need the hard copy of the invitation for your visa application pack.

The above times do not include the time needed for your visa application. Please refer to the official websites of the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country of your residence to obtain the information needed to prepare and submit your application, to pass the interview (if appropriate), and to get your passport stamped with the visa. Please do not underestimate the actual time needed to complete the procedure.

To obtain the formal invitation, which will be required to apply for Russian visas (visa support letters), you have to provide the following information.

  1. A good quality scan of the front page (with your photo) of your passport or any other appropriate travel document. Please ensure that all the information on the page is included and clearly readable. Your passport must be valid at least half-year period after your intended departure from Russia.
  2. Full name and address of your employer, your position in the organization. Students should provide the full name and address of the university and indicate the student status (including PhD).
  3. Country and place of birth. Please ensure that the place of birth is indicated along with the country.
  4. Country and city of visa application (location of the Russian Embassy or Consulate to which you submit your visa application).
  5. The time period of your intended stay in Russia (arrival and departure dates).

Please include all of the above-listed data in the invitation inquiry form provided on the registration form.

Once again, we encourage you to inquire about the invitation and to start your visa application process as soon as you can. For further details on how to apply for the Russian visa, please refer to the specific requirements, which are applicable to your country of residence, available at the official website of the Russian Embassy or Consulate.

Please include all of the above-listed data in the INVITATION INQUIRY FORMand send it TOGETHER WITH SCAN-COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT to us by e-mail


There will be video- and photo recording during the Symposium. By submitting the registration you providing the organisers the right to post photos and videos with you on public resources

Explore St. Petersburg

As a Russian largest city in the North-Western region, St. Petersburg is a global center for business, finance, arts and culture and is dedicated to being a model of sustainable development. St. Petersburg is famous for its elegant and beautiful views and is considered to be a cultural capital of Russia.

St.Petersburg is a cultural hub with immense historical significance, St. Petersburg has much to offer, from museums to art exhibitions, from theater productions to concerts and festivals.

Useful links about St. Petersburg:


The Symposium will be held on campus at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). The campus is located in the north of the city


Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University will do its best to reserve accommodation options for participants near the university campus and in the city. These options cater to a variety of budgets.

For students it is available an option to stay on campus in students’ dormitories (see the list of recommended hotels bellow.

Due to a high-season time at St. Petersburg all accommodation options will be limited and provided on «first come – first get» terms.

For students’ dormitories, please, contact University by the contacts provided bellow. For all other accommodation option, please, visit hotels’ websites for reservation.

List of recommended hotels

Hotel «Sputnik»

36 Toreza prospect
Metro «Ploschad Muzhestva» or Metro «Polyteknicheskaya»
(Distance to SPbPU 1,5 km)

Discount code: WC2-2019

The number of rooms with discount is limited

wrappixel kit

Hotel «Orbita»

4 Nepokoryonnyh prospect
Metro «Ploschad Muzhestva»
(Distance to SPbPU 1,3 km)
wrappixel kit

Hotel «Moskva»

2 Alexander Nevskiy Square
Metro «Ploschad Aleksandra Nevskogo »
(Distance to SPbPU 12,1 km)

Discount code: WC2-2019

The number of rooms with discount is limited.

wrappixel kit

Hotel «Ambassador»

5-7 Rimskiy-Korsakov prospect
Metro «Sennaya/Sadovaya/ Spasskaya»
(Distance to SPbPU 12,1 km)

Hotels Station
***, ****

9 Hotels in the City centre

Discount code: Polytech 2019

The number of rooms with discount is limited.

Student Accommodations
(on-campus hostels)

wrappixel kit

SPbPU student’s dormitory
option for students

28 Grazhdanskiy prospect
Metro «Polyteknicheskaya»

For enquiries, please, e-mail to:

Walking distance, 5-10 minutes

The number of rooms is limited

wrappixel kit

SPbPU student’s dormitory
option for students

67/1 and 67/2 Lesnoy prospect
Metro «Lesnaya»

For enquiries, please, e-mail to:

Distance to SPbPU 3,6 km

The number of rooms is limited